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My TomTom One V3 wont start up properly. It seems to be stuck on some sort of diagnostic screen. The power button doesn't work, the device doesn't show in Windows when I connect it to the USB cable. Pressing the touchscreen doesnt do anything. All I can do is press the reset button, at which point the TomTom restarts, I get the TomTom logo displayed for a few seconds with the drum sounds and then the diagnostic screen appears again.

Anyone got any ideas on how to fix it?



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hi there

is it still under warrant ?

I would try to find out that and get it repaired if it is, if not, mmm maybe to get a new one.

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Funny that.

Mine (also a Tomtom go version 3) did that 2 weeks ago, so we tested the battery, which was totally flat. So we got a new battery, it arrived today. I put it in, first Tomtom started and showed it was waiting for the sat connection, then when I wanted to do an update the device was not seen by TomtomHome.

So I pulled out the cable, and reconnected, still nothing, so I switched off Tomtom, reconnected everything, and pressed Start. Then I only got a white screen. I found a few things about that online, but after we tried a soft reboot as suggesting on the Tomtom site as well, now the whole thing is dead again, not even a white screen, the battery shows as ok though when we tested it.

Had it on power upload for 3 hours now, nothing happens, it does nothing zilch nada...

Did my little Tomtom die? Sad


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I had the same problem and tried all suggested methods to fix the problem that I found on the net, eventualy it did fire up again after many resets and holding down the power on switch for extended periods of time. Even though I still have Tom Tom V1 and two V3s that I use on my motorcycles I may be looking at alternate devices when I have to update due to failures and my devices no longer being supported with updates. Appears to be very cheap GPS on well known brands being offered with a number of years free updates which only cost a little bit more than a new Tom Tom and with the Tom Tom you need to pay for map updates each year which amounts to more than old GPS being offer with free map updates. Food for thought when looking to update next time round. I would be interest to hear if you were able to get your GPS back up and running.
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I deleted my files, backed it up first, then ran the software on tomtom - it wipes everything but it now starts again Smile
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