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I do not know anybody with copilot to get some advice before I buy it. Is it good or not?



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blakew wrote:
I do not know anybody with copilot to get some advice before I buy it. Is it good or not?

I have co-pilot 4.5 it is great for main cities but falls down when u hit the country areas as it does not have enough information in the programe....... I have been advised that there is a new version coming in August and it is 100 times better, It even found my place which is great. Hope this helps.



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I just got Co-pilot 5 live for pocket pc (pda).
The map data is v12 which is as current as it gets - new release in August.
The main reason I got copilot was the price - $300. I personally should have paid more and got some other brand - see notes below.

Generally speaking Co-pilot was cheapest for me.

To be fair to copilot -
Copilot tried to make me jump off a bridge but I think this is map data, it has also tried to get me to take bus lanes etc . For Australia I can't say that any of the GPS programs are better than any other due to map data quality. Destinator did the same thing and from my perspective, Destinator and copilot are very similar in terms of interface and results.
All 3 that I have used have massive holes in their data and this is due purely to the fact that they all use the same map data now. Sensis.

Notes -
Copilot isn't as easy to use and you have to use the stylus to enter in
and address. Tomtom has bigger buttons and the map revolves around
the arrow - you are always facing up and you can see the street names as they come into line. Copilot doesn't do this (for safety). Once you are going more than 16k's/hr it changes to a blue screen with written info and you have to rely on it.
Copilot has slightly quicker re-routing and calcing than either
tomtom or destinator.
Destinator and copilot have text to speech which wasn't in tomtom.
i.e. it says turn right into "name" street - not just turn right.

Destinator tells you when you are speeding - haven't found that in the others.

I ended up buying Copilot as I got it for $300 but reckon that Garmin or Tomtom would have been better.

my 2c's worth


GPS: Copilot laptop 10 with bluetooth GPS

Post Co pilot was not released it escaped     
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Customers first view of his new purchase..... Co pilot live laptop 10 Australia issue

I finally after much delay (3 weeks) received my new program and installed it, the first thing that came up was, as I passed a speed camera nothing was said, so I checked and was disappointed to find no speed camera data base at all.

No worries I thought to myself I have Ov2 files of speed camera's I will upload them, sure enough the next issue hit me, the system crashed at second stop being saved.

No worries I thought to myself again, must be my OV2 file, so I thought I would delete it and try another, that's when I hit upon my third problem, no option for custom poi editing.

It seems after much contact with support they had issued their software missing speen camera data base they are working on a patch, There is privacy issues with the POI data base in Australian release so Custom POI editor has been removed from system, and Development team is working on fixing OV2 upload bug.
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Post My take on Co-Pilot Live (v6)     
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I had TomTom on my Treo650. Upgrading to the XDA Windows Mobile device (very good move) I got a free copy of CoPilot Live v6.

I can't compare some things; the mapping data and program were both more up to date than my TomTom, so I'd expect the CoPilot to look a little better. Also, the XDA phone has a built in GPS and so the whole thing is a lot slicker.

It's ok - and it does handle some junctions (warnings and information on approach) better than the TomTom. However, the biggest problem, as far as I'm concerned, is address entry.

In the UK, a post code points to a single road. Therefore, a house number and and a post code is enough in TomTom to find the exact destination. If you just have a partial post code, then TomTom will give you a list of possible road names.

On CoPilot, you only get to input the first half of the post code (e.g. RG11 2) and then you *have* to enter the road name. It doesn't even narrow the road down to a small list of possibles. This may not sound like a big deal, but why is it necessary? If I have a post code, it should tell me what the road names are called!

Oh, and the other down side is that I had Joanna Lumley's voice on my TomTom, and I haven't been able to find her for the CoPilot Sad

The 'Live' feature is really cool (it lets anyone that you've invited, to track your current location on a map in a browser, and send you messages, via the ALK website). It's sort of fun to play with, but I'm not sure how useful it all is really!

Another feature is one that might be mis-used. It stores the GPS data of previous journeys and so you can replay the exact journey, showing speed and stops, at a later date. Imagine the scenario - you tell your girlfriend that you worked late, but if she gets her hands on the phone, she can replay your trip home (assuming you had CoPilot turned on) and see that you left at 4:30pm and spent 3 hours in the Pub in the village two miles up the road!!!). LOL.

All in all, I might give up and buy a TomTom for the XDA or Garmin - it's marginally better at routing.





Post co pilot live laptop 10 australia version     
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Anyone know where I can purchase (USA or Canada) the Copillot live Laptop 10-Australian version complete with the GPS that connects with the USB port?? Cost??




Post Copilot Live Laptop 10 - Australian Issue -Custom POI editor     
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I'm having the same problems as "Soulvisitor" with the Custom POI Editor.

Did you eventually get around it or does anyone know of a fix for this problem yet. Confused



Post Copilot7     
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Hi I have copilot7 on a PDA and have had had all versions since copilot 4.
I have only had problems with copilot 7 with it losing its activation code and having to file the file, delete it and re-activate it. I have notice there has been a few updates lately which hopefully will solve that problem other than that it gets 98% of the trip correct to the quickest setting.
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Post I'm Happy With CoPilot Live 7     
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Hi blakew,

To be honest I have no experience with other versions of Copilot. But how ever I have bought my Copilot Live 7 few weeks back and I'm very happy with it. So far no issues regarding it. So I recommend copilot 7 for you.




Post copilot 7     
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I recently upgraded from 4.5 to 7. While i found the maps in 4,5 to be at least 5 years out of date even when it was the current version it worked well. it gave clear understandable directions. While it didn't replace my melways it worked 70% of the time...Version 7 - what a piece of crap. a tom tom knock off, still with extremely out of date maps ( useless to anyone who drives in melbournes east ). Gives unclear directions such as bear left or bear right at every bend in the road and then uses the same expression for a turn onto a different road. I feel totally ripped off. glad I didnt pay full price for it going back to 4.5...


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Post Copilot     
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Copilot is expensive and so far it has failed 100% warning me for low bridges and usally takes me thru residential areas instead of using the truckroutes. So I can not say I am happy with it.
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The current Australian versions of Co-Pilot (Laptop 10 & Live 7) use yankee Navtek data whereas previous ones used Australian Tel$tra / Whereisn't / Sensless data. Whilst the Navtek data is at least 500% better than anything from Tel$tra, its still extremely expensive considering its at least 2 years old when first offered & 4 years before being updated. A further objection is the Microsoft style 'activation' crap and the requirement to pay TWICE for map data if you use the same stuff on both laptop & PDA. I tend to rely on GPS in newer areas, so currency of data is critical. Tel$tra / Whereisn't / Sensless data is at least 4 years old when first released & the company freely admits its old data because they don't wish to harm their extremely hard copy UBD publications. For the benefit of non-Australians ... Tel$tra would prefer to be known as 'Telstra', however anyone who has ever done business with that particular company will understand why I choose to use the 'Tel$tra' form. Likewise with Whereisn't (WhereIs) & Sensless (Sensis)

Seems to be a growing number of open source GPS applications which generally use standardized map data formats )meaning thre are no issues with use of same data in both laptop & PDA installations). It also appears that open source map data is probably a lot more current than the invariably hopelessly out of date proprietary data provided by the likes of Co-Pilot / TomTom / Destinator / Garmin / etc etc. I have no doubt that in time, open source GPS programs & map data will improve to the point where they are infinitely more usable than commercial equivalents. Look at the dramatic improvement in Linux distributions over the past couple of years. I was one of the greatest critics of Linux due to its incredible user hostility but many of the current offerings are so superior to the best from Microsoft that there isn't any comparison.


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Post Good for planning     
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I have CoPilot Live Laptop 10 and find it good for planning trips but it is a pain in the butt that you can't edit POI's after you've put them in. Once there in there that's it, same as you can't manage Custom Places. Also on my vista laptop I have an issue with it crashing completely if I try to even add a custom place.
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I've got CoPilot (Australian mapes) 7.0.2 with my HTC TyII. It works but I found numerous errors in the map (say, it routes me to Woolloomooloo instead of Waterloo in Sydney), even though there are different areas in the list. Also some other inconveniences such as occasional errors in house numbers. I am very rarely using it these days though it is still on my PDA.
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GPS: Co Pilot

Post Co Pilot 8     
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Version 8 much improved on v. 7 but POIs, safety cameras, live services etc very poorly introduced and explained
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