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GPS: Garmin Nuvi

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1) Connect your TomTom via USB.
2) Create a folder in the root of the drive called 'screen'.
3) Create a text file, with nothing in the file, and save it with the name 'capture'. Not capture.txt nor capture.doc.... just 'capture'.
4) Place that file in the 'screen' folder.
5) Reboot your TomTom.
6) Click near the top left of the screen near the zoom button.

You will hear a "shutter click" and your screenshorts will be put into the 'screen' folder as BMP files. If you frequently use the zoom button, you might not want to enable this.
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Also when the Screen Shot is not going to be used, just slightly re-name it so as to deactivate it instead of having to delete it then re-make a new folder if and when you want to use it again.

Just re-name it to something like, ... 1 screen
Then it will not work.


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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in TomTom forum Reply to topic TomTom Screenshot
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