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GPS: Garmin MobilePC

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G'day Folks,

I am using Garmin MobilePC on a netbook.
I would expect the process to make POI files would be the same as it uses the same files as Navigators.

I can't seem to get the icons to show up in my new GPI files generated by POILoader, all I get is black squares.
I've read through the other posts, tried all suggestions & nothing seems to work.
What I have found is if I put all the CSV and BMP files in sub folders the GPI file generated by POILoader defaults to the sub folder name which saves a lot of file renaming as suggested in one post.
I have made sure CSV & BMP files have the same name (including capitalisation) & even tried renaming one of the BMP files to the name of the newly generated GPI file & making sure they are both in the POI folder.
I have tried different locations for the CSV/BMP files & where the GPI is to be generated even to the point of putting everything in the POI folder (no sub folders), still no luck.

Strange thing is, even 'most' of the original GPI files have the same problem but 'some' are OK.

All the 'black squares' are where they should be but it sure looks crappy.

Anyone got any pointers as to what I'm doing wrong?
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GPS: Diplomat

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Can you open the bit maps in paint on the PC OK?
If not it may be a colours issue.
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Look at your bmp files to make sure they are correct.
then look at the gps unit files. some files won't copy or are write protected

you might have to rename the unit files then copy the new bmp files

hope that works for ya


GPS: Garmin Nuvi 1350LMT

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I have similar problems. I have two Garmin Nuvis,265WT and the 1350LMT. Downloaded the bmp files and put it the same file under the corresponding files I.e red light camera. On my computer the icons exactly as on the map on this site color and sharp. On the Garmin only a small black dot? The Garmin show in text exactly the location of the camera but not the color camera icons. .Also downloaded the MP3 audio files did the same checked on the computer and the warning play clear but nothing on the Garmins. Tried with Wave file for the audio and the POI loader give me errors.
I used to had Speed traps files on the Garmin one easy to download and all icons correctly show up on the Garmins. Also saved all the above on 4GB micro SD HC but nothing show up on the Garmins. When I
insert the card to the GPS and connected it to the computer via USB cable the computer read all the file correct?
Thank you in advance for any help on this issues.
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Installation Support forum Reply to topic Problem with POI files
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