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I just purchased the MIO 310X. So far I found it great as my first GPS. I just have some concern regarding its POI data. It is not up to date. For example it does not shows several restaurants close to my house. Neither an ATM in the gas station(the gas stations apears in the POI file but not the ATM).

All that said, does anybody knows how to download free updated POI's (Canada by the way)? In the formats shown in this site does not mention MIO format's. Can I download a file designed for another device like Garmin?

Thank you in advanced for the help.



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The Mio C310x (USA + Puerto Rico maps only), and the Mio C310s(x)(this is the second C310s, not the first), both use an iGO mapping software. iGO stores it's 'included' POI's in the same file as the region or state. For example, Ohio.FBL includes both map data and POI's for the state of Ohio.

To add POI's to the C310x series devices, someone would have to figure out the format of the "My POI's" data file, copy any existing "My POI's", then appeand the new POI's into that list. Updating this list could be a bit tricky, too. And to add to the headache, there's not a lot of extra memory onboard to store extra POI's. It may be necessary to offload one or more maps onto SD card to make the space available internally for an expanded "My POI's" data file.



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Hi. Just as a help for anyone who finds this page via Google(as I did). The following requires that you have a "hacked" Mio c310x-

The c310x actually stores new POIs in a file called iGO.db in the \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap directory. Some have reported that this file WILL NOT show up until you add at least one POI location of your own.

You can edit this file using the iGo program iGo POI Explorer, found on the web(Google Wink ) This program will allow you to import all of those ov2 POI files found around the web and use them on your c310x!



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Thanks so much for the info on the IGO editor. I also wanted to let everyone know that this worked great for taking my MIO POI's and converting them to use with my Magellan Roadmate 2200T.

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Mio forum Reply to topic MIO 310X POI formats and downloads
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