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GPS: tomtom XL

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How many POI's can be added before the device starts to slow down or fail to load correctly?
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GPS: Tomtom

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I'm sure there is a limit, but it's only likely to affect the older slower units. The newer ones come with better processors, more memory, and when combined with SD cards that allow much quicker reading now days you will need a fantastic number of POI's to become an issue. You are more likely to have a problem of the unit slowing if you try and display too many POI's on screen at once - especially if using larger icons. But even then, you are more likely to have issues of not being able to see anything before you slow the unit too much Smile
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I have a huge file of ATV trails. It is in KML format. When I convert it to OV2 (TomTom POI), it does not show up. I have questions:
1. How many entries can you have in a POI file?
2. How long can the Name field be, and will the converer truncate it, or will the OV2 file ignore extra characters.
3. Can there be duplicates in the name field
4. Can the name field be blank (lots of them are blank)

They used bread crumbs as they traveled the ATV Trails, and labeled SOME of the crumbs with the Trail Number. There are some Roads in here too. So the Name field has Blanks, Some numbers (some duplicates), and some street names, and some real POIs. There are like 30000 entries. I converted the KLM to CSV to look at the data. Deleted a couple records that had links. So the rest of the file looks like what I described. If the resulting OV2 file is corrupt due to non-truncation, or duplicate (blanks or duplicate trail numbers), or too many entries, I am not getting an error message. Any suggestions?
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in TomTom forum Reply to topic Maximum number of POI
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