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Hi everyone,
Has anybody got one of these head units fitted? I'd like to load POIs to it but don't want to cause problems by loading the wrong files.
Can any one confirm the file types? (sound, icons & data)
Will I need to load the sox.exe file into POI Loader? On this point I have a Mac and have loaded the Mac version of POI Loader, just in case this makes it different?

Any other tips etc will be very welcome.



GPS: Kenwood KNA-G431AU; Nuvi 2689

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The Kenwood units all seem to be using the Garmin hardware. The bonus is that you can get map updates from your friendly gps reseller (Mine uses NT Navigator) and these map updates worked fine in mine for half the cost of what Kenwood where selling the updates for. POI's etc all all the same, I have been downloading Garmin custom POI's to my Kenwood (Garmin) unit.
I have been using the bmp,csv and mp3 files, But have recently switched to from using the csv file to gpx file (still testing school zones so not sure if this is a + or a -..
Anyhow you can use POI loader and either load to a SD/MicroSD card or maybe your unit can connect to a PC/Mac via USB as mine does and upload direct to the unit.

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in GPS Software and Gadgets forum Reply to topic Kenwood DNX9260BT
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