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Hi there,

I'm glad I've found this site and I'm hoping it'll solve some of the issues I've already experienced with TomTom Home... I do like the idea of a community and will definitely support it in future.

Just one question, I recently purchased a TomTom 1 and after registering and adding updates had to replace the device with a TomTom 2. I tried to change to the new device but it seemed glitchy, it looked like I managed to update the new device with speed cameras etc but I've noticed that they are well out of date, for example no 50mph speed limits along most of the M4 to Newport - my regular commute from Bristol..!

How should I go about changing from TT Home to the team's POI updates without duplications - should I delete all files from within TT Home and go from there?

Thanks in advance
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Yes delete home and install gps team.I find gps much better and up to date. Good luck.
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in TomTom forum Reply to topic New member - TomTom 2
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