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I hope that the School Zone POI is worthwile to download. I'm on the road a fair bit & although I'm an alert driver, in regional Australia the majority of school zones only have static sign posts & not the regular flashing 40kph speed zone signs. It's easy to miss a sign at 100kph.
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I have downloaded school zones for Qld.
I am very new to this but hope to learn how to update details of school zones in my area.
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Thank you...
Would be nice if the markers mark all school X-ings...
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All School Zones POI should be mandatory and should be the first files that is downloaded.

Children safety is paramount, and kids do crzy things, and I have seen this recently.

A neighbour of mine hit a child in a school zone last year, luckily the injury was nor servere, but if they had of bene doing a higher speed, the injury would have been more servere.

So, if you haven't downloaded or added your local School zone, please do so and help keep kids safe.

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I have done a local comparison of The "NSW School Zones" and the "School Zones" POI files and found the "NSW School Zones" to be more complete. On that basis one should select the individual State/Territories files to download the appropriate school zones. In the meantime diligent members can add to the "School Zones" and thereby make it complete and accurate for the whole of Australia. Very Happy
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