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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 1390T

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This recent purchase is my 3rd gps. The first one went well past its 'use by' date and unfortunately I dropped the second one and broke the screen. Since purchasing this Garmin 1390T it seems like I have taken a step back in time. Firstly the reason for selecting the Garmin was the lifetime map upgrade offer. The unit was purchased on the 21st Sept. It is now the 27th ... I have spent a considerable number of hours each day on the Garmin site just trying to get the one time map update to possibly get this unit up to speed considering it does not even have the street I drive along to get to work.... this road to my knowledge has been there for at least 7 years by the way. I have made 2 phone calls to Garmin Australasia 1800 235 822. The first I didnt have the time to hold on the line. The second I got through after 15 mins and spoke to a rep. She said that there had been server problems... Mmm well ok server issues for 6 days ...seems like they need to hire some more competent technicians to address these problems. Being involved in the aircraft industry I was aware that Garmin had been around for quite a while so I was confident the unit would be as good if not better than my previous GPS's. I now have a GPS that is not customisable, inaccurate(maps) has no ability to save a planned route and getting an update seems to be a major task. I will attempt to download the update one more time later today. If not successful I will return the unit for a refund. I dont have the time now or in the future to spend sitting in front of a pc for hours to do a simple task which should take just minutes. The initial sign up to this site to register took 8 attempts ... hence my sign in user name is not one I can display on here due to the offensive language rule. I hope they can resolve their server issues soon because I prefer to share a happy story rather than paint a dim picture. But rest assured I do tell it like it is.
Learning to efficiently operate the different mapping & software is rather time consuming Route66 ,IGO8 and now WhereIs so I need to take it on a few more runs rather than spend time sitting in front of a 'brain dead' website attempting to get it up to speed mapwise. However because of my limited time on the road with this unit I cant accurately comment on its performance although it does seem to handle the spinning of the map well but I havent been in the heart of the cold cold city yet. Hopefully if I can get the map situation sorted I will test it on the way to the Phillip Island MotoGp. My previous GPS never missed a beat last year on the 1800 klm trip. It had mutiple waypoint sequencing The Garmin appears to be only able to add 1 on route waypoint.. Maybe its just the operator I am struggling to get my head around this latest offering. Im not exactly sure at this stage whether it is not complicated enough or too complicated but I have not managed to get this GPS to do half the things my previous one used to do. I guess we just have to go where the new technology takes us and that is not always in the right direction. Sure maybe I will get used to driving on the pink road .... well I will have to because I dont have an option. I have noticed the few addresses I have routed to so far I have been told are 40 meters further down the road. Although that should be much of an issue at the moment I currently dont have any friends living on the edge of a cliff but it is a little annoying especially if you are interested in arrival and travel times etc. So for the moment the Nuvi is running a distant last against my previous 2 but given a good run and little understanding of how it all works it may come home strong.
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Not a good look. Was going to get the 1390t but decided to stay with the 765nuvi instead, as it seems to have more features than the 1390.
I think the difference in distances you mention are related to the maps and not Garmin, as out Aussie company Sensis (telstra) SELL the mapping to Garmin.
I have noticed the difference in distances occasionally, and sometimes the GPS goes bush on and off the highway, which has been there for years.
I always use Mapsource to plan routes if I wish to go in a specific direction and wish to have diversions etc, then upload all of them to the 765.
Works great, and it starting to sound as though the 765 is the way to go/stay until problems get sorted.

Hope it gets rectified as the Garmin is a great unit, like you, am on my third.
Tried a Navman 3 years ago and tossed it in the boot, where it still is and went and got another Garmin.
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Very impressed with the unit after switching from a Navman, would definately recommend
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GPS: Nuvi 1390T

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Yes, I agree that the maps in Garmin GPSes comes from Sensis. I have been complaining to Sensis for years about a non-existent road on their maps. It is very irritating that the GPS keeps directing to that road to get home. Unfortunately, Sensis is not very responsive.

I can say this because I, too, have a 1390T and found it on a whole to be a very good navigator. The earlier firmware is buggy but the latest firmware works well. You might want to also verify that you have the latest firmware.
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GPS: nuvi1390T

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I bought a 1390T the week they were released in Australia. What a bomb! The original unit was replaced 3 times. I previously had a streetpilot & never had any trouble. However with the free ongoing software updates the 1390T has now developed into an excellent trouble free unit. I would recommend it to anyone.
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GPS: nuvi1390T

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In the city I usually run with the u-turn option off as it avoids being asked to do a u-turn on busy road. Recently I was diving on a country road & because I had the u-turn option off the unit took me about 10k's further to avoid doing a u-turn. Certainly not Garmin's fault but something remember.
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