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I have a Tomtom One XL but it's not been used for about 12 months and my UK map is out of date (v605.0).
How do I download and install an updated version for one?
Also I used to get speed cam alerts but not anymore. Can I get alerts back for free
I am a driver and really need to be up to date...


GPS: TomTom One v4

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Use your Tomtom Home PC software to purchase online and install the latest maps. For speed camera alerts grab the OV2 files from GPS date team (POI files, Select your country, select road safety and download the warnings you want) and add it to your map folder on your Tomtom XL. To have a notification go off when close to a camera you must set a warn when near POI setup! on your GPS goto change preferences, Manage POI then Warn when Near POI and set it up from there. Hope this helps
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in TomTom forum Reply to topic Tomtom One XL updates
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