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GPS: tomtom go 720

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Does anyone know why when I connect my phone through the bluetooth on the Tom Tom 720 its crackly.
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GPS: Tom Tom Go 910

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having the exact same problem, seems to be an issue with using two different blue tooth devices. if you have another phone turn the bluetooth off.
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GPS: TomTom

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It could be the antennae or interference.
Does the problem occur if the engine is off?
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GPS: PDA using TomTom

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Bluetooth is simply a weak radio signal. Turn off your car's radio and any other audio devices. Like a previous poster suggested turn off your engine. Then try the bluetooth, has the crackling gone? If yes, turn on the engine, check crackling, keep on trying until you turn on something that interferes. If all else fails try it in a different car.
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If you are still experiencing problems, try a different BT-enabled phone (different brand) with your SatNav to see if its that. In my experience, different brands of BT device work better together than others and it can just be 'luck' that your brand of mobile works better or worse with the SatNav than another.

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in TomTom forum Reply to topic Bluetooth Crackly
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