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GPS: Nokia N97

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Just a tip for people who cannot get POIs working on Garmin mobile XT. If you are running Garmin on a microSD card try putting POI's on the phones main memory with POI loader. For some reason it is the only way it will work on my phone.
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Best to put pois into your main directory of the root folder of Garmin. into the poi folder.

Sometimes sd cards are not read...
Better to use a mobile phone eg Nokia with inbuilt memory.


GPS: Nokia

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I agree with your point.

Putting into the phone memory is better than putting into SD card.
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GPS: Garmin nuvi 3597

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I've found the same. It feels better to put the big files on your external microSD, but for some reason it doesn't always mount correctly. In your phone's inbuilt memory, I've never had a problem.
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in GPS Phones forum Reply to topic Garmin Mobile XT - TIP
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