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GPS: Garmin Streetpilot C510

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I want to log a very long car trip (maybe 4000km).

Could a Nüvi 1350t save such a long track over three weeks?

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GPS: Garmin nüvi 1490LMT

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Hi Tobbes

My understanding is that your journey will be a series of trip segments saved in current.gpx.
While there is a limitation on nüvi units to the length of a trip log displayed, there is not to my knowledge a restriction on the size of trip logs.
My understanding is that you will be able to convert the trip log saved into .kml or other formats for display in other environments.

Using the POI tools you can clean this up so it only contains your progression along the journey.

I hope this was useful

Best regards

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in GPS POI Tools forum Reply to topic Tracklog Nuvi 1350t
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