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Just got a 2nd hand Navman C40 to give to a needy couple, but cant get Navdesk 2008 to connect to the server to update anything on-line.

I am using Windows 7 64bit, but have also tried it in a XP virtual window as well and still nothing. It connects to the Navman OK and i have updated some POI, but it just wont connect to the net.

Have also tried disabling all firewalls etc, so it's not that either.

I thought maybe i could update Navdesk, but that seems to be impossible without buying another licence, and that wont be happening.

Any suggestions very welcome.

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Hi Bernienchris
Running latest Navdesk on 64 bit seems ok no problems

the C40 come with disks? do the needy couple (good man) have win7 64 bit or are they on XP? Navdesk should update, I did this on a freinds system but can not remember version.
can it connect thru your latest version?
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Navman forum Reply to topic NavDesk connection problem
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