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GPS: TomTom XL S IQ Routes

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Does anyone know if some kind of map manager for Bottom exists? Similar perhaps to the Garmin map manager.
My problem is that I have bought an TomTom XL IQ routes Europe edition. As it has only 2 gig storage, there is insufficient space to store the entire new Europe map (at 2.4 gig) I am forced to choose from the Euro 'zones'; North, South, East and West. As I live in Germany I must use the east zone. My parents live in the UK, so I cannot plan a driving route from here to there on one map. A Central Zone including Germany, France and the UK is missing.
I know that the Garmin software allows the selection of just parts of a map, on and around your planned route for example. Is there something similar for Tomtom, or can someone suggest some other solution?
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GPS: TomTom Go 530

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Hi, does your unit have a card slot? sd/sd micro if so add a card and use TomTom home to upload map to card hope this is of help
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GPS: TomTom XL IQ routes

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I know how you feel, just purchased one for touring Europe this summer, so now looking for wi-fi hotspots so I can change the map data as I go from region to region!
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If you do not use the cspeech function (which I never use) you can delete some or all of the cspeech files from your map folder and free a lot of space - in this way you can use the latest Europe map with ALG, IQRouts e.t.c. Some advise that you replace the cspeach files with files with the same name and extension that have zero size. For me it worked without the replacement - just erase
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