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GPS: Mio Spirit S555

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I just bought this last week and have given it a fair old few miles...about 800 so far. here are my thoughts so far

Positives: Very Happy

+ Good mapping and up to date.
+ Clear screen even in sunlight
+ Fast loading, starts to give directions before all data fully loaded
+ Good price from Argos, £150. £100 less than Halfords for better model
+ Desktop software easy to understand
+ Map update available, All cameras in Europe available

Negatives Sad

- Even on the Mio website it is unclear which model I log in with Moov, S555 Spirit...even the phone support guy was unsure.
- Built in Camera audio warning insifficient, in one day i had blocked it out. And on this model the sound files are not available to far as i can see as they are DAT files.
- Power cable is very chunky
- Loading the POI's from here is easy enough, but they warn you about cameras going the other way which is unnecessary. (My Talex only warned about relevant cameras)
- On the motorway if it detects a camera on a side road it warns you about it. Even with the distance set at a low one.
- Seems to get mixed up with cameras, sometimes warning after it has passed!!!
- I loaded a few POI's from here and after only three files the memory was full.

If I have made any errors or if there are things i do not know I apologise and would welcome any tips

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GPS: Mio Spirit S555

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Because of the maximum POI limit, after some thoughts I reduced the amount of POI's by only putting in those I need.
That is my sales area is basically the M42 motorway to the highlands of Scotland I never go south of that. I just found the latitude (GPS Coordinate) of the southern most place I visit and deleted all the ones below that.

For example my office is in Warwick, so any where below the latitude line for Warwick I deleted from the POI lists.

Got rid of about 10,000 points.

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GPS: Mio Spirit S555

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OK Ive had this unit for a fair while now. To be honest as a camera detector it is a waste of time. The inbuilt warning is simply a chime and you cant change it. You get used to it quite quickly and I now ignore it. I also updated the unit from the Navman website and the unit does not detect some cameras that have been there for years. It also does not warn about mobile cameras.
Evil or Very Mad

Do not buy this unit if you want a Camera Detector. It is pretty good as a Satnav but for cameras AVOID IT!!!
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