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GPS: nuvi1390T

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After TWO attempts using both the mp3 and Wav files , i Still have no audio alerts for road safety.
Followed post on using Sox.exe in the Garmin folder and thought this might be a solution but for me no success.
Now i don't even get audio beeps.
Is it better doing a direct upload as opposed to individual sub folders?
Had a look via Windows explorer in the Voice Folder and there were no wav files, only language files.
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Have you tried connecting your unit to Garmin and checking for any unit updates? Maybe something to try. I connected my unit with the web updater and an error with the software was fixed. Yeh, I don't get the audio beeps all of the time either since I deleted the garmin speed cameras. I don't have any other garmin poi in the unit.
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GPS: nuvi1390T

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Checked web updater and all software is up to date.
Ive removed all POI's and will try and do another install.
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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 1390T

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Try this:

1. Download the .gpx and .wav files for the road safety alert you want
2. Place both files in a single directory and ensure both filenames are identical, except for the extension (for example, have both Camera-AU-AUS-New_South_Wales.wav and Camera-AU-AUS-New_South_Wales.gpx in the same folder)
3. If there is a file called POI.gpi in your garmin nuvi POI folder, rename it to something else (doesn't matter what it's called)
4. Copy sox.exe to the Garmin folder on your computer, where POILoader is located (that is, don't copy the sox.exe file to your garmin device)
5. Load up POILoader and tell it to upload directly to your device
6. Point it directly to the folder that has the two files you want to add, and let it do it automatically.
7. If your windows logon does not have administrative privileges, it will ask if you really want to load Sox.exe. Click on Allow.
8. After it uploads to your Garmin device, go to your Garmin's POI folder and it should have a file called POI.gpi. Rename it if you like to something else to help distinguish it from other POIs.

You only need that single file that POIloader uploads to your device. You don't need to copy the .wav file or any other file onto the Garmin device, as explained here:
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Garmin forum Reply to topic NUVI 1390T Speed Camera Audio Alerts
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