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GPS: Garmin zumo 665

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Hi all,
I just bought the brand new Garmin zumo 665 for my motorcycle. I'm excited about the fact that I can load speed and red light cameras into it. I was wondering if anyone can give me some tips on how to best set this up? I've downloaded the Garmin POI uploader already (and I've ordered a 16 gb micro SD card. That should hold all the POI's I need!)

Okay, a few questions.

1) I live in the DC metropolitan area. This means, I frequent Maryland, DC, and Virginia. I want to load the red light and speed camera data for all three states. Do I need to create separate POI files for each state, or if I include all GPX files in the same folder, will it create one single GPI file to import into the map?

2) I'm confused on the need for a BMP and MP3 for each state. The icon for a red light camera and warning should be the same regardless of state, correct? Is the POI loader duplicating this for each state? If one was to do the entire country, that would be 50x the amount of data actually needed.

I've created POI files for 3 regions ... MD, DC, VA

When I load the files into Garmin RoadTrip, it'll only import one region. The import for the last region imported disappears. Am I doing something wrong?

Also, it seems to want to load the GPX files, not the POI files that POI loader creates.

So, this is what I want to load

Red light cameras for MD, DC, and VA
Speed Cameras for MD, DC, and VA
WiFi for...can you guess?... MD, DC, and VA

What do I need to do to get all of these POI's loaded?

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GPS: Zumo 660

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Sorry I cant help you, I came here looking for similar answers for my new 660.

I just came from a TomTom rider v2....that was a lot easer to use in relation to this issue...but easier did mean less options
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I'm having the same issues with my 665. Are you having reboot issues? I think it may be the SD card.
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Have read somewhere, that SD cards over 8 gig may give some problems.
You will be surprised as to how much GPS info can be stored on an 8 gig card.
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