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I bought a second hand Tom Tom Rider 2 which has USA, Canada and western Europe maps installed. These seem to work fine near my home in Scotland, however I'm off for a trip through Europe to Bulgaria in a few weeks time and want to know what other maps I might need.

I have a 2Gig card installed at the moment, but there is only around 100MB free, so I bought a 8G card, but don't know how to get it to work.

Also when I installed the tomtom software on the computer it prompted me to subscribe for updates so I guessed everything was ok, however when I tried to manage my device the software said I had to authorise my maps, but I don't have any map numbers with the package :s

Will my current maps suddenly stop working, or will they be OK for my trip ?

I hope someone can help.
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Check the maps you have on the unit to where you will be going, put in the places you suspect to be travelling and see if they are there.
If they arn't, then you will need to purchase the correct maps.

The 8 gig card probably does not work if it is a SDHC card the unit probably only supports SD non HC cards.
If you authorise the maps and they are legally purchased you won't have a problem.

But if they are not then the maps wont authorise, I have not seen tomtom wipe any unathorised maps off the unit.

Before doing anything backup the entire unit first, this way if anything goes wrong you have a backup to restore form.
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in TomTom forum Reply to topic A second hand Tomtom Rider V2
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