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ALK CoPilot just released CoPilot Live | Laptop version 10 with over 6 million of POIs (hotels, motels, RV campgrounds...).
Is it good?


GPS: Copilot laptop 10 with bluetooth GPS

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Customers first view of his new purchase.....

I finally after much delay (3 weeks) received my new program and installed it, the first thing that came up was, as I passed a speed camera nothing was said, so I checked and was disappointed to find no speed camera data base at all.

No worries I thought to myself I have Ov2 files of speed camera's I will upload them, sure enough the next issue hit me, the system crashed at second stop being saved.

No worries I thought to myself again, must be my OV2 file, so I thought I would delete it and try another, that's when I hit upon my third problem, no option for custom poi editing.

These issues caused me much frustration and time, thinking it was me, not operating my new program correctly and reading manuals that told of things that were not part of my co pilot. None of these things are mentioned in readme files or operations manuals or on the web, no one even seems to know of these issues, how disappointed I am with my new co pilot and the operations manual that misleads about copilots features
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in CoPilot forum Reply to topic ALK CoPilot 10 release
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