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I want to and some new POI into my brand new unit but I want the voice alerts.
How do I go about doing this?
Is there a program out there that works really good for doing this (importing CSV files, icon & WAV or MP3 alert)?
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Download POI Loader if you haven't already done this. This utility allows you to catagorize your POIs in your GPS.
First you must organize your CSV, BMP and MP3 files in a sub-folder which would be the name of the catagory you want to download to your GPS. I created a main folder called "Active Catagories". The sub-folders would be your catagories.
Download your CSV, BMP and MP3 files to these respective sub-folders. All files in the subfolders must have the same name except the file suffix (CSV, BMP and MP3).
You can create your own custom bmp and mp3 files if you like. Beware that the bmp files should be a certain size (22x22px). The safe thing to do is use an existing bmp file until you get some experience.

When you download via POI Downloader you will specify the main folder. Also you will specify the distance you want the voice alert to activate. This is defined in meters or feet (US). As an example I am alerted of rest stops at a distance of 10,560 feet (two miles).

Hope this helps, have a good day, Dick Cool
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Garmin forum Reply to topic Garmin 1490T POI
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