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Dear All,

It is quite easy to list and promote a business on many popular GPS brands with our business GPS inclusion tools and services, as explained here:

If you do not feel confident to list your business on your own, we can help you to find someone to geocode your business locations and to manage your master business GPS database.

Our highly experienced, talented and passionate GPS specialists, affiliates and members are willing to provide personalized services:

    - POI database outsourcing
    - Database maintenance
    - GPS consultancy
    - Software development
    - Location based advertising
    - GPS tracking solutions
    - Testing
    - Q&A

Your privacy is important to us.
Please keep all requests and responses private. Do not post your contact details until all involved parties reach an agreement and obtain approval to proceed with direct negotiation.

Click here to request a new job.

Your job requests and offers will be listed here. It will be removed from the list once you find a member willing to help.

Happy outsourcing.

Your Name


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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in GPS POI Tools forum Reply to topic Outsourcing requests
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