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I just got a rino 530HCx. I purchased a topo map from Garmin on line. After downloading the map for 8 hours or so because their servers are extrememly slow the download program hangs on 100%. After rebooting the device, the device takes about 30 seconds to boot then fails with a Can't unlock map error. Using a camera I re-formatted the microSD card and tried again. Same results.
I was amazed to find out Garmin does not offer better support. 9-5 M-Thurs. What a joke. Also, I tried hooking up the device to a 2008 Server and guess what, there is no driver. What junk. I can plug any camera into my 2008 Server and a driver is found instantly.
So far, I'm very disapointed with Garmin. The product seems to work well, but the company doesn't know the first thing about software development or customer service. The maps should be downloadable via FTP so long downloads can be resumed, the device can be used while the file is being downloaded, and so the data doesn't have to be base64 encoded costing 33% more data to be transmitted. In my case that's about 400MBs of wasted data transmission.
I have ordered the DVD for the TOPO and should get it on Monday. Hopefully once I have an actual file this will work. Now I have to get on the phone with them to credit my account for the map they sold me that doesn't work. Big companies suck.

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Garmin forum Reply to topic Map Download Fails to Complete
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