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Has anyone got one of the new Garmin 1690? I have looked at reviews and they seem favourable, but I am concerned about the ongoing costs of using a unit like this given there is a charge for it to be 'connected' to the mobile phone system all the time in order for it to work ? Does that mean if you don't pay the connection charge the unit wont display any POI or camera info or does it just stop downloading updates?

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I have a 1690
from what I can tell, when the service expires two years after you purchase the unit, it will stop allowing you to use the Google features, live traffic and such
I think it will also stop giving you the speed limit but6 I am not sure.

My thoughts are that it would work just the same as my 660 without the traffic hook up

By the way, it is 5 bucks a month to keep the Google service going but the first two years are free
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GPS: Nuvi 1690

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I've been using the 1690 for about six weeks now and I love it. What really sold me on it was the live services, especially the google search and white pages, it makes your POI database almost unlimited, we fly frequently and the flight info. is also a really nice feature.

And yes there will eventually be a charge to be connected to the live services, 5.00 a month according to Garmin website. But the service is free for the first two years, I figure by that time I will probably be ready for a new unit anyway, if not, I would be willing to pay the 5.00 month.

If you decide to drop the live services after the two years, you will still have access to all your POI's, you will not lose any of the GPS functionality except of coarse for the live services.

I would recomend the 1690, I am really enjoying mine, am headed to Denver this week and staying for several days, my first out of state trip with it, so will get a chance to really see how it performs.
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Garmin forum Reply to topic New Garmin 1690 service cost
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