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GPS: Navman My50 Series

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The Navman is showing the safety camera even after the camera is gone through. and it some time not alerting about the safety cameras and some time only alerts after passing the camera.
the school zone in the Navman is worse as it works on the radius even when I go in the M4 IT WAS ALERTING ME ABOUT THE SCOOL ZONE. Twisted Evil
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sometimes the gps is slow at alerting and the school zones well run all day and night

they have fixed these problems in the latest model so they say

just have to wait and see


GPS: Navman MY55

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I agree the gps fix is the thing that drives how often you gert the message. just a "feature" of the navman and it gps reciever
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GPS: xl340

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This brings up a point with School Zones.
My MY60 (only 2 days old) does not show School Zones, could it be possible that as the school year has ended, and School Zones technically do not exist, then they will not be displayed on maps until next year ?
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Navman forum Reply to topic Navman My50
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