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GPS: nuvi 200W

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I have a nuvi 200W and have downloaded some Poi's from this site, i transferred them via poi loader no problem.
just one question, i can see all the poi's when i view the map and scan round manually, but when i am driving in a calculated route i don't see the poi's, is this normal or have i done something wrong?
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GPS: GARMIN nuvi 255W

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Sounds normal to me, but I have only had my 260W for a couple of weeks.
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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 265W

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I have a nuvi 265W and have loaded many different groups of POIs and they all show up in views both during a calculated route as well as when just looking around the maps. When you zoom out they eventually drop off the screen as the detail reduces but they show up again as you zoom back in. Try pressing + on the screen to zoom in while driving and see if this will show up your POIs.
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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 200W

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I had a similar problem on my 200W.

Try this:
Go to Tools --> Settings --> Map and change the Map Detail to MOST.

Also in the same settings area - choose 3 DIMENSIONAL, which seems to help a lot of quirks too.

While you're at it - turn on Proximity alerts.
Go to: Tools --> Settins --> Proximity Points --> Proximity Alerts --> Change
and make sure there is a check mark on it.
This should give you a message if you POI has proxmitiy settings in it.
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