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GPS: Nokia 6124 Classic

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TomTom 6 Navigator is the best software I have bought for my phone, it's great, does anyone have any tips or tricks to get it to do stuff, I am running it on a S60 3rd Nokia 6124 Classic, with no problems at all, does anyone know if TomTom Navigator 7 is compatible with S60 phones?
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GPS: GO710 and TT Mobile

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Gday! I can't answer your question about Nokia, but I can say that navigator can be personalised etc ,... car icons and voices I am trying to work out how to change navigator boot/shutdown screens
When i work it out I will post it!

sirja Smile
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GPS: Garmin Mobile XT

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Tomtom 7 is only out for WinMo phones, and there is no Symbian version out. So sorry you can't upgrade. Sad

You could give Garmin a try.
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in TomTom forum Reply to topic TomTom Nav 6 Mobile
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