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GPS: Garmin Zumo 550

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I thought that I would let people know of a use for their old Navmans..... I didn't want to pay for new maps as I have a Zumo and I had a need for a tracking/logging unit so I downloaded a copy of MioPocket.

What I got was a near 100mb file and with a few very small configuration changes (documented on the MioPocket website) I was able to get MioPocket running on my Navman. Because you use an SD card to run MioPocket (do not use any method where you change/write/delete files on your actual Navman) you should not have any problems with your unit - see last para. though.

So then I copied the 2gb card onto a 4gb and then an 8gb card with the result that I have the 8gb card running in the Navman.... so now I have a huge amount of space for maps.

I registered a copy of OziExplorerCE (no need to pay for OziExplorer if you don't need it - but I think most will) as OziExlorerCE is installed in MioPocket and then I tested it on a big trip.

The result was great, detailed mapping (as good as my maps will allow) that lets me save the tracks and 'just works'.

Sure, you lose the 'turn left here' capability but then I have the Zumo for that. You can always just pop out the SD card and restart and your Navman is back exactly the way it was.

ActiveSync works 100% on MioPocket so this is another bonus.

So what is next;

1: Install PortSplitter and run both OziExplorer and Navman together (logging and 'turn here' in one unit with the ability to switch between the two)

2: Add more maps (as always the 'more' aspect means more money)

3: Find a way to play movies as well as run the logging without OziExplorer having an issue

There were only three easily done configuration changes to make to the SD card for MioPocket so it is worth the effort.

One thing...... backup your Navman first (there is plenty of information on how to do this on the Internet) and then start using it - and as always I am not responsible if your unit breaks, so far none that I have touched or read about have but there is always the possibility that yours might.

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GPS: Garmin Zumo 550

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Well I had a need for some more space and so I tested my Extreme III 16GB SD card in my S80i and it worked without an issue - this means I can increase the quality of the converted maps (I can now use 100% maps instead of having to use 25% or 50% scaling to be able to fit maps onto a smaller SD card).
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