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I was trying to update my Tom Tom One New Edition. It said on the computer that the updates were complete. When I unplugged the TomTom I have a orange screen showing the Tom Tom and the SD card coming out of the bottom and with a red cross on the card. I can't see anything on the manual or on the internet.
Does anyone know what is wrong with it?
Please help


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Try removing the SD card, then run the updates again. It could be a faulty SD card
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Hi! It also could be a good card , however , it may be SDHC, most devices dont seem to like them. Can your card be read in a card reader and TT device?
Check it out
sirja Smile
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Did you remove the TT from the cradle while it had the "Red cross" on the TT?


GPS: garmin

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I had the same problem. Formated my card. Ran set up again. Work well. Don't forget to push "eject" button before you pull out the SD.
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I have 2 of these tom tom's and after 2 years the cards started to fail, found re formating fixed the problem and them do a restore, hopefully you have backed your tom tom up. Eventually I quit these tom toms due to age and battery life became very reduced and it was not worth purchasing replacement batteries and still having very old GPS's so purchased V140 and have good batteries and latest maps.
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