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Any body know whats wrong with my 910. First at home connected to the pc it's working fine but in the car it (will turn of in 10-9-8 sec) on and off now so offen I can't even set up new destination ( even when car is stationary) at times it too will ask do you want to connect to computer. I've even backed up and formattet and reinstalled new software as per TomTom advise but to no avail. Could it be faulty docking station and cable? and if so how can i check it? Many regards


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Does this happen on battery or when pluged into the car 12v adaptor?
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This sounds like a dodgy car adaptor. Have you tried using a Motorola mobile phone car charger if it uses a standard MiniUSB connector? Or is it one of the really old Tomtoms, that use a properitary connector?
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You have a doggie connection or charger, it count's down when external power is lost.
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Most likely the cigarette lighter connection is not connecting or faulty, Try another product to see if the socket is working
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Yep for sure its a cigarette lighter itself or the actual cable.
Also, You can turn off that setting that powers down when no power detected in the device itself!
I'd get another cable or check to see if the cig lighter works!
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in TomTom forum Reply to topic My Go 910 it's driving me crazy
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