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Heres My EXPERIENCE WITH TOMTOM and the letter I wrote to Tomtom

Dear Sir/Madam

I purchased one of your products (Tom Tom XL) about two and a half months ago . When I was making payment for a map I accidentaly made two payments as there was a problem with your website I made the payment from.

I have informed TOMTOM about the overpayment and they lodged the problem in Holland I presume as they would not give me anymore information. I originally spoke to a person by the name of Danny who just told me that there was nothing they could do but wait for two to six weeks for the reimbursement of my map overpayment. They gave me an incident number 090525-001787 and I have been waiting since. I have only received one email telling me that this problem has been escalated. And this email was approximately 2 months ago.
I have asked to speak to a supervisor who can tell me what is going on but was rudely denied to speak to him by Danny. I asked for his name to write to him (WARREN) but was not given his surname. This person would not speak to me and tell me anything.

Sir / Madam surely this can't be good customer service, when a company can take money as easily as a minute but cant refund it over a period of 2 and a half months . To be patrionising customers about the inability of your company representatives to refund money that was taken by the malfunction of your website is totally outrageous. I can not accept the poor treatment and the patrionising way that i was approached with regarding this incident. I feel very very dissapointed about my decision to buy a TomTom product.

I hope you can clear this mess ASAP as I am very angry and frustrated.


Mr L. Dover


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Good luck with that, let us know how you go. I may have to deal with them soon too as my Tomtom XL is a piece of rubbish as it won't lock satellites etc. I have a store extended warranty so probably just wait til the 1 year is up then see them.
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I would assume you used a credit card. Let them fight it out, in the mean time they will credit your account the money overpayment. You will have to send proof of the transaction.
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Good luck with your endevour to get a refund, but don't hold your breath.
Seems that a few GPS manufacturers suppliers are reluctant to answer emails or attend to warranty problems. Have seen pages of complaints recently.
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Recommend you get onto it straight away. Had a recent experience with an htc p3600i where the store staff told me it would take 7 weeks to repair. Thought about it and went back to find those staff members had been sacked by the new franchisee and my phone was repaired within 2 days. You should be able to get it repaired or replaced from the place of purchase.
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don't hold your breath mate
sad as it may be- its the way of things these days
with many companies
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I'm curious as to way the map updates for tomtom are so expensive?
I can purchase a new unit with the new maps already loaded for the same amount of money as the tomtom updates. Doesn't seem like a good business practice and it's certainly not eco friendly.


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It's expensivfe in Europe, because the rights for use the map by the governements are very expensive when it's sale alone.GPS manufacturer have a type of governement discount when they are saling the maps in OEM (with a product)In France, on a TomTom at 199€, there is 40€ of taxes and 20€ of governement map taxes.the same map in no OEM version cost the double of taxes....
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Any updates on this? Did the situation and/or vendor response improve?

I have run into this many times with other vendors. My principle problem with how this is handled by the vendors is that they take the money readily and quickly, but take their time rectifying transaction errors that they are a part of or have caused.

In the global market these days, the quick and sometimes large changes in currency value can also significantly affect the correction (if any). During dealings with vendors I do remain polite BUT FIRM (this is your money we're talking about) I carefully plan my topics and premises before making calls and usually have to escalate to a customer service supervisor or manager. It is important to document everything - names, time, date, topic, discussion points.

Additionally, it helps to review the vendor's transaction policy, especially if there is information regarding their policy of billing, invoicing, late charges, etc. This can be considered a tacit acknowledgement on their part that they have a corporate understanding and policy regarding transaction fairness and compensation for delayed payment - they should understand that it goes both ways here.

Keep in mind that you're dealing with the organization/company, but talking to individuals - people. Remain respectful BUT FIRM. You may have to remind them that your intent is to deal with the organization and that they are the representatives of said organization - perhaps they may want someone more qualified, experienced, and possesses more authority, within their company in resolving your issue?

Unfortunately, I usually find that I have to be persistent - there's only one way to make me go away and they need to understand this. At some point you may get a vibe that they consider this as wasting their time or spending too much time on it. Now you know that they should be able to appreciate the impact this trouble is having on yourself - it's costing you time and your time is worth something as well, therefore the delay and frustration you're experiencing could have been avoided by a prompt and correct resolution on their part.

To underscore how I see the situation, I consider interest charges and currency changes in demanding a resolution. The clock is running and time is money. Depending on your principles, level of aggravation, and actual value of money withheld, you may hold them to this or use it for negotiations to a resolution. Their mistake is causing you to lose money as it could have been used elsewhere (for gains) (and if they didn't have it).

To wrap this up, this isn't meant as a guide to dealing with this, but more of some ideas to consider when you plan on how to handle this, as well as the possible responses or situations, and how you intend to handle them.

Hope this helps.


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ever hear a word back from tom tom I am surprised they let you down they are usually more customer oriented.
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I'm also curious how that's ended - I've recently been in twice similar situations and let me tell you: having ~$600 blocked for a couple of months is not a nice experience.

I do hope you've finally got your issue resolved (as have I Smile )
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