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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 260W

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Any Garmin Gps that come with truck routes.
Thx Swede
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GPS: nuvi 465t

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I thought it was a waste of money once I got it. I was use to the Tomtom where you could change just about anything you wanted on it and even add POIs on the fly. Well I thought that 'til I found this site and now I have some new hope for the $499 I spent on it. I got mine at a Pilot but you can get the nüvi 465T, the first navigation device to provide locations and trucking-relevant points of interest and ability to add Extra POI (points of interest).

It comes with a traffic reciver and which I just found out a few days ago. Was wondering what that big plastic block was on the power cable Embarassed and it sorta helped me while I drove through Chicago yesterday around rush hour.

Truck-friendly navigation
Truck specific routing for lower 48 states, preloaded NTTS Breakdown Directory, preloaded street maps for North America, lane assist, FM lifetime traffic, Bluetooth® wireless, speaks street names, Where am I?, photo navigation etc.
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Been using the Nuvi465t for trucks almost 2 months now. While driving the Pa turnpike, it wants me to exit to every road I cross (even if there isn't access). It acts like a car gps with very little trucks stuff. I feel like I wasted my money. Garmin's website isn't helpful & hard to find any info on. Most of the info basically tells you to search the web and find someone else to help.

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Garmin forum Reply to topic Garmin truck routes
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