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GPS: tomtom v 3

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TomTom V3 wont turn on. Tried resetting it. Green charge light only comes on now with home charger and not with car or usb. Have not cooked it with phone charger, been there with my last unit. Wonder if someone can help out.
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GPS: TomTom car headunit

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Get yourself a pin, hold it onto the reset button and jobs a good un Smile
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GPS: Tomtom go720

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Your battery is either dead or as other poster has said do a hard reset.
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GPS: Tom Tom One IQ Routes Edition

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I had the same problem with a V1 tom tom, eventualy the problem was sourced to the battery, it was not charging, fault inside the battery pack. Looked on the net, found a replacement battery pack that was wired with the correct plug, simply removed rear cover of the tom tom and removed original battery pack and installed the new replacement battery and all was good from that point.
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GPS: TomTom Go 730

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Do you own a TomTom ONE v3? If so you can reset them by holding the power button down until it resets. Let us know if resetting helps.
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GPS: TomTom 910

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Ist charge the unit for 10 hours as its no point trying anything with a flat battery. Then try holding down the reset button, if that does not work use a paper clip and press the reset button near the connector, don't push the paperclip into the mic hole by mistake. If it still wont turn on it will be need to be opened and the battery disconnected and checked or replaced.
The unit can also be faulty

Hope this helps
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in TomTom forum Reply to topic TomTom wont turn on
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