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GPS: TomTom One 3rd Ed

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I have a TomTom OneV3 (Australia) the shows 'No Cities found' when I try to navigate to a valid Postcode. I have the latest Postcodes installed from the POI files but still same issue. Confused
Any assistance appreciated.
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GPS: TomTom Go 720

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As far as I know postcodes only work in Britian..... another feature we miss out on here in OZ.

I just wish you could input the street name first for country areas, I'm sick of it not finding the street in the town or outskirts and when driving down the street it come up on the screen with the correct name...

Sensis (telstra) they need their head read....
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GPS: TomTom One 3rd Ed

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I agree. Not being able to put in the street name to search is a big minus.
There are suburbs of the same postcode that have numerous names, especially when there is an expansion to the existing suburb such as a new development. How does one get around this issue?
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