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Purchased two Tomtom units: 720 and OneXL.
Both failed within warranty.
Returned the 720with failed Internal memory: sent a USA version with 2BG. After four weeks I received a NZ version with 500MB Internal and wrong map.
I called tomtom, then I was asked to prove that I sent a 2GB...
Previously provided Home System Info clearly specified 2GB: Just trying to wear you down..

Returned the OneXL with no sound: was returned OK, but scratched up facia; presumably from disasembly.
Tomtom was courteous but incompetent.


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I have utilised phone support for TomTom a number of times with issues with my TT XL, and to date they have been very helpful. Possibly those who are experiencing problems are just running into techos who are having a bad day.
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Tomtom support in Italy was courteous but incompetent too.
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Normally TomTom offers great service, I live in the Netherlands (the home of TomTom)
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I am finding any support from Tom Tom totally useless, they repeat things they have already told you and then decide the problem is with windows.

I have had problems with updating Tom Tom home on my computer on 3 consecutive updates, I have solved it by creating a separate account purely for Tom tom, then deleting it before I upgrade. of course it is not Tom Toms fault. I will never buy another Tom Tom. And I agree with the battery issues discussed elsewhere, they are next to useless. Sad



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They were curteous on phone (IN The USA). Battery will not charge. No way for user to replace it. Phone answerer on TOM-TOM's end gave me a ticket # for reference to their Service(????????) Department, and no answer yet. We really need to repaire our Tom-Tom 125, or to replace it.
We don't need a paperweight which we paid over $100.00 US Dollars for, especially in the Economy now.
Anybody with suggestions please give us a heads up---Thank You all in advance.


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My friend had purchased 2 Tom Tom Riders that work very well until one day when powered up one of them turned on then locked up and became a dead unit, he then proceed to put his other tom tom one in the same cradle on the motorcycle, yes the same happeded to that Tom Tom Ride. He rang them, got the repair numbers and dispatched to their service with the cradle, he had no problems both units were repaired and the cradle replaced, with a 10 day turn around. He was extremely happy with the service he received.
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I purchased a TomTom One from PC World in May 2009. It was pre-loaded with UK and Western Europe maps.

In September the thing crashed. I followed all of the procedures on their support website, to no avail. Last resort was to take a backup, format the device, and restore. Because of the crash, the backup was unsuccessful; therefore so was the restore - "nothing to restore". Returned it PC World, who sent it to TomTom. After 2 weeks, it came back with the comment "not our problem!", our warranty only covers the hardware.
The product was sold with maps pre-loaded; it no longer works, so it sure is their problem! I now have completely useless piece of junk!



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I bought a TomTom in November last year. On May the windshield support broke.
I called Tomtom and they say "it's an accesory" and not covered by the warranty.
It came in the original box, and-how in heaven can you use it without a support?



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Hi all

Now I have a big problem: Firstly my tomtom one not starting up at all, and stuck on the startup screen, then I did whatever problem sloving methods, including resetting, back up and restore etc. , still not working. I contacted support center and a technician sent me an further instruction to copy files and format SD card. After that, I found out that there is no contents in the copied files because it was corrupted in the 1st place, which means that I lost the map and everything. I called the support center again but being told that there is not their problem (of course) if the backup has failed and resulted in lost of maps. All I want is to restor my old map back but I have to pay to get it back!!! I really dont want to pay another $129.


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Had a friend with the same problem. she tried to upgrade via map guarantee and it too froze on startup. the only way to get rid of the freezing was to delete all maps. TomTom was no help, the only way out was to return it to store citing malfunction and she got a new one. Suffice it to say she has not tried the latest map guarantee since.
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