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I have tried for many hours to download and install updates for my Garmin unit. Everything is fine until the Garmin "Downloader" appears - only for a few seconds and then goes away . . . taking the browser with it!

I normally use Mozilla Firefox as my browser, but it wouldn't work using IE either! I spent over an hour checking all my settings, etc. and could not come up with an answer. I not only disabled all my protection (anti-virus, firewall, etc.) - I even completely uninstalled them! To no avail.

My OS is Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit but theGarmin pros did not think that would be the issue.

Finally, used my neighbor's computer and everything worked just fine!

Anybody have any idea?


GPS: nuvi760

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I have the same problem with my laptop, vista home premium, the desktop, vista ultimate works fine. If anyone has suggestions their is a few of us with this issue.

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GPS: nuvi265wt

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I am running same OS - Vista Ultimate x64 on a laptop.

I just purchased a 265wt - and used the updater from Garmin - found on myGarmin downloads - to make sure my firmware was all up to date.

I had no issues - so I would concur that Vista x64 is not a barrier - this time.

Neither of you mentioned the unit you are using.

Also - I used "WebUpdaterforWindows_242.exe" inthis case. I don't recall using a browser for anything - just the download manager to get the map Update. Everything else was this tool mentioned above.

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Garmin forum Reply to topic Garmin updater problem
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