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GPS: S300T

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Has anyone else had dramas with their S300T restarting all the time.

I was having no end of restarts until I uploaded last update and now it seems to have settled down nicely.

Look forward to your response.
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GPS: nuvi265wt

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The Navman platinum range have had several firmware updates to fix various problems. The latest updates have pretty well solved all the issues that I have come across. Make sure you have the update which makes the transition of pages and touch screen useability drastically better.
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GPS: Navman S300T

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Navman had my S300T for 4 weeks to bring it up to date as at end May 2009. Now it restarts about 4 times an hour. I do believe that the S300T is the worst piece of technology I have ever owned.
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GPS: Navman s150

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Same on both these units - I have had the issue for over 18 months.
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Navman forum Reply to topic Navman S300T
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