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GPS: Nokia N95

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I am a newb and have just gone into downloading the files for my phone.

The trouble is I am confused as there are several files and when I try to download the files some of them want to overwrite.

Which do I need?

BMP CSV GPX POI MP3 Proximity alerts?

There are heaps of 50 60 70 etc speed camera files.

I tried some of them and the GPX ones had a problem.

Please help.

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GPS: Nokia N82

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Howdy! From my experience what files you need depends on what you want to see. BMP files are little pictures on your map that are tied to the location (not totally necessary). CSV files contain the map related data (these are the really important ones). GPX files have other data like Ph nos, web addresses etc. You dont have to have that but it can be handy. What software are you using?
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in GPS Phones forum Reply to topic N95 POI Files
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