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Question is; why does POI loader ignore the symbol selected and displayed in Mapsource when creating the POI file.

I have created several custom BMP files and placed them in
[Drive:]Documents and Settings[Current user]My DocumentsMy GarminCustom Waypoint Symbols. They can be selected and displayed within mapsource with different symbols for each POI.

When the GPX file is viewed in a XML editor the tag is <sym>Custom 21</sym>, however the POI loader ignores the symbol selection and defaults to a DOT.

I can only get the BMP to appear on my GPS when the BMP and GPS files are named the same and placed within the same folder. However this presents a problem if you want different symbols for different locations within the GPX file loaded with the POI loader. All the location has the same symbol when uploaded.

If mapsource can select and display different symbols, why can't the POI Loader do the same?

To get a different symbol for each location, a separate file must be created for each location, GPX and BMP file.

This is a lot of work when a simple code fix would allow the POI Loader to comply with the same logic as mapsource.
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It seems the symbols in MapSource are not available in your GPS, so the information in the gpx-file is useless. I tackled the problem by splitting the gpx file by sorting it on the symbol in Mapsource. It is a bit of work, but I think this is the only way to solve it.
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I think there is away u can but not sure yet....
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Garmin forum Reply to topic Mapsource and POI Loader
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