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Have a HTC with GPS inside, I can't connect the Tom Tom program to it?
Is it any program that I can use or is it not possible? I want to load some POI to it.

Any one who know?


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I have a HTC touch cruise 2 which came with Tom tom navigator 7 pre installed. You need to activate TomTom to set it up.
If you go to HTC web site and download the manual for your device it will give you the full instructions on how to get your Tom Tom up and working
Hope this helps
Very Happy
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I have a HTC TYTN II and TomTom finds the internal GPS fine.

In TomTom on the main nav screen, touch the status bar (speed, ETA etc) on the bottom right of the screen, then touch the battery/signal strength section on the right hand side of the screen, and lastly then hit the "Configure" button down on the bottom left.

You should be able to select "Built-in GPS receiver" (In Navigator 7). From memory in Navigator 6 or below, you just select Bluetooth and the Com port set up as your GPS hardware port (which you set up in Windows Mobile GPS Settings).
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Hope this helps, as this is what I do for my HTC p3600i [Trinity]. Try this:

TomTom - Change Preferences - Press the Arrow 5 times - Configure GPS.

Configure - Select Other NMEA GPS receiver - Set GPS baud rate slider all the way right - Done

Select GPS in COM9

Sit outside and wait for anything upto 10 minutes to see if the unit gets a fix.
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My HTC was quite happy using the internal GPS with Tomtom.
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I was able to setup using "Built-in GPS receiver" in Configure GPS section which allowed me to set this up.
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I have a TyTN II and I was able to get TomTom 6 to work great. The Following is a step by step guide to configuring TomTom 6 to use the internal GPS receiver in a HTC TyTN II.

1. When at TomTom main navigation screen, touch the Status Bar in the lower right corner, it contains signal strength and assorted stats you can change in Preferences menu

2. Next touch the Trip Info button that runs along the right side of the screen, it shows the battery meter, signal strength, and longitude & Latitude

3. Once your at the GPS Status screen touch the Configure button in the lower left corner

4. Now cycle through receiver choices until you come to Other Bluetooth GPS receiver then touch Select button in the lower right corner

5. Once at the Bluetooth warning screen touch Continue to move to the last step

6. Finally choose COM4 as your GPS receiver's port, you should now return to the GPS status screen.

NOTE: The first time you connect the the GPS satellite(s) it can take up to 5 minutes to connect. The more often you connect the faster it will be. Also I would recommended running QuickGPS to help speed up connection time.


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First need to find the port that your GPS can access.
You can find it in the setting->system->GPS.
Set your TOMTOM to use that port with a 4800 bit rate.
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I also used TyTy II with NMEA GPS setting with 4800 and com4. Took a while to get a fix but worked great after that. TomTom 6
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Hi guys! Does this work for the HTC Diamond as well?? cos ive had no success! it just tells me , that it cant find a gps unit

Thanks in advance!

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The Diamond uses a standard GPS reciever, so Tomtom will work.
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