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I have downloaded the latest version of Garmins POI loader. I have also downloaded the Harley Dealership files for WA, OR in csv format and the associate BMP for each state. I have initiated the POI loader and indicated that I want to save the POIs to Mapsource. I name a file HD and then it asks for the location of my data. I am pointing to C:/garmin/Harley Dealerships (folder). It says I have successfully loaded 226 for Garmin Mapsource to use. I then initiate Mapsource and there is nothing there. I am using the latest version of Mapsource updated Feb 2009 6.15.4 and City Navigator North America NT 2009.1 What am I doing wrong.

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To use the Garmin files from this site I normally download them in GPX format to a directory in my C:\ drive. Then I simply open them in Mapsource where you will see them as (normally) waypoints. Only use Garmin POI loader to load them onto your Garmin as custom POI's.
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Garmin forum Reply to topic Mapsource - POI Loader issue
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