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I just got the Zumo 550 for my biker (2005 Ulta Classic). Has any on else use one. I live in South Texas and Plan to travel in Mexico. I just got back from a trip to just north of Mexico city and return. (1674 Mi). I wish I had it on the trip, it would have been very helpful. Where can I get POI for Mexico? I download the Harley Poi's.

Bob Arnold


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You can get POI's for Mexico from this site. Click on POI files at the top of page. Then when the countries appear click on "more" you will see Mexico in this list. You will need the CSV files or GPX, the GPX files contain more information such as addresses and phone no's where available. You will then need a program called Poiloader available free to download them to your Zumo. Don't forget to also download the corresponding BMP files for the POI's that you choose. These contain the icons you see on the screen.
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Garmin forum Reply to topic Zumo 550 in Mexico
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