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Can you please educate me in regard to choosing the distance in the dropdown box beside the available 'Garmin GPX (proximity alert, phone dial, etc.)' files?

I downloaded them choosing meters in the files pertaining to Canada and in feet with files pertaining to the US, as when I travel in Canada I use the kilometer/meters setting in the Garmin and when I travel in the US I use the miles/feet setting (when in Rome...). I then read something that says if the settings you use are not the same as those written in the cvs. or gpx. files, the proximity warnings will not work properly.

Is there a default setting that would be best or is there some better way or files to use to set the unit up to achieve the best result? Does the above file(s) type contain all the info (icon, proximity, mp3) or do they still need to be separately loaded and installed?

The other problem I had was when I created more than one layer of sub-folders in my computer to use with the Garmin POI Loader, they did not seem to load completely. How many folders within folders will still load properly into the unit? I have USA and CAN sub-folders but seem to have issues if I tried to break it down for sorting purposes any further with more folders inside them.

Again, if you could educate me as to the most complete and best files to use and the best choices in the dropdown boxes, or anything else I should know, it would be greatly appreciated.

I use a Mac Computer.

Thank you for the time you take to help others learn!

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Not sure about your units issue relating to speed alerts. Are you using POI loader and doing it manually? That may be a good way to make sure they are set properly. FYI any file with number in the name will designate the alert to set for a given speed. For instance I have a bunch of Gas station files one is Union 76 (Unocal). The file reads Union 76.csv. The alert auto sets for 76mph (as I use statute). I have to manually edit that or change the name to have it set otherwise. There was a good tutorial I found somewhere that explained different ways to name a file for Garmin to read POI alert info.

Regarding the subfolder issue. I have one main folder POI that has about 12 different folders. A few of them have two different files in them not in separate folders. ex. POI\Fedex Kinkos\Kinkos This works fine. You can also rename your \Garmin\POI\poi.gpi file to something else and load another POI file in the \Garmin\POI directory via POI loader without overwriting the poi.gpi (POI loader will overwrite anything named poi.gpi). This will give you two sets of POIs however (on my Nuvi) under Extras>Custom POIs there isn't a separate entry for both .gpi files ( you won't see them displayed the way you renamed them) ...they both show up under the main heading of Custom POIs as the files they contain.

I just tried to load the following Test Folder\FedexKinkos\Fedex\fedex.csv
I got an error saying there were no gps files in that directory. It will only look through two folders ( Test Folders and then FedexKinkos) before it needs to see the file. So you can't have say CAN\Gas Stations\Chevron\Chevron.csv You can do CAN\Chevron\Chevron.csv

Hope that helps...btw I have a PC.

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GPS: Nuvi,760

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Thank you for your detailed explanation. I have been playing around with it since my post and discovered some of what you said. This will make it easier to continue and for others who have the same questions.
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