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I was wondering if there is a way to add a POI under a specific POI category like Food. I can use POI Maps to add restaurants location which saves them to my Favorites folder. However, I want them to show up under the Food menu list. Is that possible? So instead of searching for a specific restaurant, I can see a list with the distance next to them.



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Not sure how exactly to do it on your device but for my Nuvi 255w, I have a Directory(Folder) "California POI" with the POI saved in it. To get specific categories and to be able to select like you suggest, I made other directories (folders) within that main directory "California POI\FedEx or California POI\ Wineries etc...

By having them in separate folders it allowed me to be able to "search" them by whatever category I named the sub folder.

You could apply this to your method of uploading POI's



GPS: Garmin Nuvi 255w

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Make sure you load the Main directory/folder instead of each sub directory/subfolder individually. If you do it individually, it will overwrite any previously uploaded POIs. This is at least what happens on my Garmin.

FYI, I posted above before registering.

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Thanks Robbinskuma for the help. I just bought the 205W. I'm such a noob. I was thinking that after adding custom POIs that they were going to show up when I go to "Points of Interest" on the main menu after selecting "Where to?" and that all the POIs for food would go into the Food section and into the sub-menu like American, Asian...

I've looked at the CSV file for the POI and didn't see where to designate a category so I was puzzled as to how the unit know which category to place the POIs. After doing what you told me and thinking I didn't do something right, I went through all the menus I had and found what I did wrong. I just realized that there is an icon that say "Extras" which I had to scroll down to see. And what you know, there are all the POIs that I've loaded with the Sub-folder I've created.

I was hoping to merge the custom POIs to the existing ones on the unit but this will do. Thanks again for you help.

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