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Hi i recently bought a brand new GARMIN 265WT satnav, but I didnt like it at all.So i took it back to the shop and got a full refund, now Ii used to have an old tomtom and im going to get one again, only question though which one do i go for? I dont want the LIVE versions i dont do enough driving for that,i would like the bluetooth capability for hands free phone and being able to see POIS on my route when im driving in either free roam or route mode is a must. I want to spend about 250.00 so anyone got any ideas which model would suit me best?
Many thanks.



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Hey there, I have just got back from buying a Tom 530 GO. I was the same as you, didnt want to pay £8 a month for the Live services as dont drive enough with the sat nav for that.

I have gone for the above and it has bluetooth for phones etc. Has voice commands for directions, can uplod your phone book to it and send/ recieve messages. Lovely little docking thing comes with it as well as the holder.

As I say I have only just bought it but would recommend it. Unlike the others it comes as black which looks nice and smart as opposed to usual silver.
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GPS: tomtom navigator 7

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ttn7 on sony ericsson X1
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GPS: HTC Diamond Pro

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TTN7 on HTC Diamond
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Nüvifone or Garmin Mobile XT software to turn your smart phone into a GPS navigator.


GPS: Tomtom 920, TomTom VIA 160

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Any brand new GPS will do everything you need.
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