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Te Tum


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When I read stories like this I feel a lot better for using a TomTom on my Nokia N95. I am not condoning the use of, but the money they receive for the supply of faulty software causes me no loss of sleep.
I came in search of some info having just updated the phones firmware, and had problems getting the phone to accept the TT installation.
Got it sorted in the end by back dating the time, and now it works a treat.

Western European maps disc was available at all good computer fairs cost any 5 for £10. Ain't worth the effort of burning. Got the speed cameras.
Anyway good luck, sometimes honesty do pay, does it. Just going to download the French maps off to buy some wine next month.




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I have an N95 but didnt know I could get Tomtom Software on it. Where do you download and how do you install it? Does it use up your minutes or data download capacity?
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in GPS Phones forum Reply to topic Nokia N95 with TomTom
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