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GPS: Garmin 250W

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I have a GARMIN NUVI 250w and would like it to alert me when I exceed a given speed limit, can any body tell me if can do this if I can do this if so how
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I am having the same problem. Browsing through many posts here but cant figure out a solution. Also need help. btw I am using Garmin Mobile XT on my Xperia X1. Thanks.
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Yes, you have to create a .csv file with filename containing "Speed", and .bmp file for the icon, or simply download them here:

Then, edit the .csv file (e.g. using POI Editor or notepad) to include the location for speed alert, in following format:


Then use POI Loader for Garmin to load it into your GPS unit. Make sure you choose the right unit (Feet/Miles vs. Meters/Kilometers". The number after "@" will be the limit (at mph or kph respectively). The alert will appear when you are within 36 second * Speed, and appear if you exceeds the limit.

Hope this helps!


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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Installation Support forum Reply to topic Seed Alert
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