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GPS: TomTom GO 910

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Has anyone connected their TomTom to their car stereo by blutooth or by the line in cable? I want to try the cable but may have to dissassemble the stereo (brand new Jeep Cerokee-not a good idea), anyone know the price of the blutooth kit?
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GPS: TomTom GO 910

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This might work!!
If you have and amp, with line out you can use this type of cable from and Ipod.

The one on the right, plug left and right into your amp, might need to buy extension rca leads cable to reach your amp.
The cable has one with a standard 3.5mm stereo miniplug on one end and a pair of RCA connectors on the other end.
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GPS: TomTom 910

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3.5mm to 3.5mm lead works if you have docking socket in car, if not FM transmitter option is the way to go
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GPS: Tomtom go720

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My friend is going to try a FM transmitter to see if they can get the Bluetooth to go through the car speakers.
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GPS: GO710 and TT Mobile

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Yep, bluetooth or even FM transmitters work a treat, especially if youve got HEAPS of room for music!

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I'm guessing you're trying to make the bluetooth from your phone come through the car radio.

It doesn't matter whether you use the TomTom FM transmitter or connect a lead to the external speaker socket and then directly into an input on the car radio or use a separate FM transmitter connected to the TomTom's external speaker you still can't get the phone through the car radio.

I've tried all three methods and it still gives me the music and navigation instructions through the car radio but reverts to the TomTom's internal speaker for the phone's bluetooth audio. Admittedly it does mute the music or the navigation instructions but that just means I have static on the car radio while I'm trying to hear what's coming off the phone.

The internal speaker is even worse when you use the air vent mount because then its pushing the phone's bluetooth down the vent.
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