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Is there anyway I can get the Australian 2008 map to try before I buy ? At the asking price, it would be a shame to pay for it and find it doesn't work.

Thanking all in advance.
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No, there is no try-before-you-buy. When you say it may not work, do you mean that it won't work on your device, or the updates may not be worth the price?

For me, I bought it as I travel a lot for work and here in Melbourne a new tollway just opened so I needed my maps to reflect this.

You may find that Mapshare is enough to keep your maps up to date, bearing in mind that new roads cannot be added using mapshare.
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Hi WokWon

I too live in Melbourne. By not working, I was indeed referring to not being worth the money. Sorry about the bad choice of words. Can you tell me if Eastlink is on the new maps ? Do the camera POI's show the cameras on Eastlink ?

Thanks for your reply. I hope to hear from you soon.


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Eastlink certainly is on the 7.20.1868 maps.

The new bit around Todd road near the Westgate bridge (Prohasky Street) is not however.

I haven't updated the POIs for ages, but there are no 'tomtom' speed cameras shown for eastlink.

I doubt this site has any yet either considering that the cameras were only turned on last weekend.

For me it was worth it. I don't update every year but with the new tollway then definietly.

Now I am just waiting for V8 maps and all the new features they bring (IQ Routing, Lane Guidance etc)


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The new 8.15 maps are out and are definitely worth the upgrade. The IQ2 routing (depending on the time of day) made a huge difference to the accuracy of the estimated time. Combine that with an RDS receiver and it you have a very good tool to avoid the worst congestions. The lane guidance is also most welcome as it now much easier to find the right lane.

Some smaller roads are not part of the Suna network and if the they are blocked as well, the TomTom will suggest maybe not the best route - at the moment there is still no substitude to local human experience... Smile But these new maps are a huge step in the right direction.
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Hi, I am using ver 8 currently, it better than the old ver 7 map, but as gerhofer said "at the moment there is still no substitute to local human experience" there is still a lot of bug & not accurate, so far I know, there is 3 ver map for ver 815.2057 , 815.2059, 815.2086 & the one that work with map share only 815.2057. Shocked
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Having had a PDA with TomTom 6.x maps - the version 8 maps are much nicer.

I currently have the NA 8.00 maps.
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Hi, Can some one please help me out here. I have this Version: 815.2057 on my unit.

Add Maps, Has Version: 815.2086 for AUD $99.95

Can some one please tell me what is the Difference Between the TWO Versions.

Also Between the two how can i tell what changes has been done to the maps.

Like help on this please.
Thanks. Joe
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i wouldnt worry about paying for new maps untill to find a new road in your travel aria thats not on your maps. or maybe every 2 years get a new map. In the last few years in the melbourne / Geelong area there has been many new freeway updates, my maps are about two years old and i badly need new maps but dont like to pay the asking price Sad
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